Sheriff Bill Waybourn

Mansfield Law Enforcement Association

Arlington Police Officers Association

Tom Wilder, District Clerk

Tax Assessor-Collector Ron Wright

Judge Glen Whitley 

Commissioner Andy Nguyen 

Commissioner J.D. Johnson

Commissioner Gary Fickes

Tarrant County Law Enforcement Association

Constable Clint Burgess

Constable Darrell Huffman

Constable Jody Johnson

Constable David Woodruff

Constable Dale Clark

Mayor Laura Hill, Southlake

Mayor Jim Griffin, Bedford

Mayor David Cook, Mansfield


Dan Katra, Precinct Chair 1257

Jeff Craig, Precinct Chair 1348

Bill Eastland, Precinct Chair 2168

Kellye Hughes, Precinct Chair 2307

Donna Korman, Precinct Chair 2314

Jon Czarowitz, Precinct Chair 2356

Bill Daley, Precinct Chair 2442

Ray Admire, Precinct Chair 2520

Josie Contreras, Precinct Chair 3040

Francine Goodwin, Precinct Chair 3114

Joel Downs, Precinct Chair 3213

Marlene McMillan, Precinct Chair 3247

Mitch Epstein,  Precinct Chair 3260

Mona Bailey, Precinct Chair 3333

James Ashby, Precinct Chair 3335

Leigh Wambsganss, Precinct Chair 3359

Jonathan Gaspard, Precinct Chair 3384

Chuck Mogged, Precinct Chair 3421

Brenda White, Precinct Chair 3422

Debbie Hinckley, Precincy Chair 4047

Georgia Stapleton, Precinct Chair 4070

Peggy Clark, Precinct Chair 4328

Lisa Grimaldi, Precinct Chair 4429


Abigail Garcia

Alec and Katie Rae

Allenna Bangs

Andrew Bryant

Andy Wambsganss

Angelica Flores Cisneros

Angela Greenlaw

Barbara-Ellen Gaffney

Bettina Diershaw

Brandon and Angela Presley

Brenda Koesters 

Chris Minteer

Christopher Taylor

Cristal Clark

Cynthia Gustafson

Dan and Betty Hawkins

David Clyde

David Hudson

David and Rose Whitington

Debbie McDaniels

Deborah Grimes

Dee Long

Devin and Connor Sanders

Don Cram

Don and Leah Mitrani

Francine Goodwin

Glenda Barnett

Jason Adams

Jason Laningham

Jayson Nag

Jeff Ellis

Jeffrey Gray

Julia Webb

Julianna Farmer

Kay Pope

Kent Daulton

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Leigh Collins

Linda Worsham 

Lisa Callaghan

Lisa Haines

Marty and Tama Purselley

Marvin and Kathy Collins

Mary Childs 

Matt and Ann Marie Birdwell

Matthew and Ashley Moffat

Meda Bourland

Melei and Rob Kelly

Melinda Westmoreland

Michelle Humphreys

Michelle Sanders

Nasir Ali

Pam Milton

Patty Fincher

Pete Donnelly

Presley Darnell

Preston and Tara Raby

Randall and Allison Crimmings

Rex Brown

Rhonda Little

Rolando Martinez

Ronnie Hall

Ronnie Stapleton

Ryan Bartoszek

Sandra Long

Shanda Perkins

Sharon Kitchens

Sherry Heiser

Steve and Letty Sparks 

Tara Raby

Tim Matheus

Virginia Carter

Wendy Watson

Will Higgins

William Wallace



I’m proud to endorse Chris Ponder for Tarrant County Probate Court No. 1. His skills, knowledge, and experience will make him an asset to the Tarrant County Judicial System. I have no doubt he’s the right man for the job.
— Sheriff Bill Waybourn
I’m proud to endorse Chris Ponder for Tarrant County Probate Court No. 1. His knowledge, commitment to integrity and accountability, and experiences with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office make him the most qualified person for the job.
— Ron Wright, Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector
Chris Ponder has been one of the greatest resources in the DA’S Office since I have been an elected Constable. I am honored to support Chris and have no reservation that he is the best candidate for Tarrant County Probate Court No. 1.
— Constable Clint Burgess
I’m proud to endorse Chris Ponder for Judge of Tarrant County Probate Court No 1. His commitment to integrity, transparency, and accountability make him an excellent leader and the right person for this important position.
— -Constable Jody Johnson
Throughout his career, Chris has done an outstanding job of working with local law enforcement on some of the most complex issues facing our county. His knowledge, commiitment to integrity and accountability, and experience with teh DA’s office make him the the most qualified candidate for Tarrant County Probate Court No. 1.
— Constable David Woodruff